420 Settlers Trace Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70508

420 Settlers Trace Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70508

General Dentistry Services

We serve patients of all ages throughout Acadiana for a variety of reasons. You may want to have your cavities filled and prevent further damage to your teeth. Perhaps you’re ready to look in the mirror each morning and see a movie-star smile shining back at you. Whatever your reasons for visiting us, you can trust our team to successfuly improve your oral health and meet all your dental needs.

When you come to our office, we will discuss as much or as little as you like. Discussing a procedure will not obligate you have anything done. We just want to make sure all of your questions are answered. After that, how much we do is up to you.

Please browse our services, then call us if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Services Offered

Preventative and General Care

• Patient education
• Sealants and fluoride treatments
• Protective teeth guards
• Cavity treatment
• X Rays
• Child Dentistry

Care (The Gums)

• Periodontal therapy
• Laser gum reshaping
• Receding gums

General Dentistry

• Bad Breath
• Cavity Treatment (Laser Dentistry)
• TMJ / Neuromuscular Dentistry
• Headaches + Stress
• NTI-tss
• Endodontics
• Consultation
• Second Opinions
• Extractions

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Dr. Tony Soileau, Smiles by Soileau and Louisiana Sleep Solutions are proudly serving the greater Acadiana area and has been for the past decade. We are constantly accepting new patients.

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